Cemetery Statues around Ashtabula Ohio

These statues are located at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Ashtabula Ohio






Book reviewer named mom

Do you know anyone who is a book lover?  I do her name is Robin Coxon and she is my mother.  Below is a picture of her with fellow author  Amanda Flower .  She is also a book reviewer she started doing book reviews about four to  five years ago with Jim and Joyce Lavene  books. Since then she has been receiving    requests from  many authors including  Karen Rose Smith, Kathi Daley, Tonya Kappes, Mary Anne Edwards, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Shelley Costa, Larissa Reinhart, Daryl Wood Gerber and Terry Ambrose 

Below are some examples of her work  that she has done

Last Dance Joyce and Jim Lavene

Last Dance, is the first in the Sharyn Howard Mysteries. Although this series has been published prior, due to high demand from fans of Joyce and Jim it has been re-released. Sheriff Sharyn Howard has been elected to the office of Sheriff of Diamond Springs, North Carolina. This is a position that was held by her father and grandfather. It hasn’t been easy paths for Sheriff Howard due to many of the deputies aren’t sure how they feel about a woman sheriff as their boss. This means Sheriff Howard has to prove herself not just to the community but also to her own department. When the death of a popular senior student takes place at the end of the prom, Sheriff Howard is called to the scene. The similarities of this death cause Sheriff Howard to recall the death of another popular student, ten years prior. Both cases share many of the same clues and this sends red flags to Sharyn that the man who was found guilty and on death row in prison may not be guilty after all. When she makes a determination to re-open the previous case it causes a riff not just with the community but also with her own mother. You will not want to put this book down until you find out who is guilty.

Tonya Kappes  Southern Fried Kenni Lowry Mystery #2
Sheriff Kenni Lowry is back. Sitting on top of the Ferris wheel after dark, at the annual Cottonwood Festival, we are given insight into a developing relationship between Sheriff Kenni Lowry and State Reserve officer Finn Vincent. As Finn begins to explain to Kenni the relationship of the pretty brunette in the picture in his wallet, the cozy moment was interrupted by a call for assistance at Myrna Savage’s Petal Pusher’s Landscaping greenhouse. As they arrive upon the scene Sheriff Kenni Lowry with the ghost of her grandfather and former sheriff, Elmer Simms, find a body lying inside the greenhouse on top of Myrna’s prized tomatoes. The body belongs to Owen Godbey, an employee of Myrna’s. Owen is dead but his death doesn’t readily exhibit how. Sheriff Kenni as well as Deputy Finn and with the assistance of Poppa’s ghost, who only Kenni can see, begin the process of determining the reason behind this death. From the beginning, I found I couldn’t put it down. The characters oozed with their Southern charm and the background made you feel like you were right there with them. Tonya Kappes has pulled from her own Southern background to make the book genuine.

Kathi Daley The Shadow
The Shadow is number 6 in the Seacliff High series. This series was originally written for young  adults but I found it to be a great read for all ages. Even if you haven’t read any of the other books in this series you will find this is written in such a way it is free standing. The main character, Alyson Prescott, and her mother were in the Witness Protection Plan and had just been moved to Cutter’s Cove, Oregon nine months ago. Since their move Alyson has been able to see visions of ghosts. Taking a jog to help clear her mind Alyson and her German Shepherd, Tucker, lose track of time and soon fog moves in. When her phone rings, Alyson’s best friend Mackenzie Reynolds calls to find out where she is since Alyson had set up a study date with Mac. While Alyson and Mackenzie are talking, Alyson suddenly see two people arguing at the edge of the cliff and the man pushes the woman over the cliff. Alyson screams to Mac to call 911 drops her phone and runs to help whoever went over the edge. When the police and rescue units show up they rappelled down the cliff but stated they had found no body when they came back up. The police man questions Alyson on what she saw for sure and told her that nothing was found, that perhaps she needed to go home and get something to eat, that perhaps she was light-headed from jogging and the cold. In the nine months since Alyson and her mother had moved to Cutter Cove, Alyson had seen a lot of strange things and each had been a key clue in significant mysteries. Was Alyson’s recent vision another clue to a mystery and what would Alyson, Mac and Alyson’s other friend Trevor Johnson figure out the mystery this vision fit?

You all are probably thinking why I am  writing a blog post about my mother  a book reviewer writing reviews .I want to tell not only my mother, my readers, but the whole world as well how proud I am of her hard work she has done in writing reviews for these authors and also being supportive of my dad, my brother and me through the years. It was time toot my horn and give compliments to this gifted woman. I am also privileged that I have been given the chance to know these author and their work through my mother
Link below is her Goodreads if you care to check out what she has read and reviewed



Below is a picture of a 1940 locomotive  that sits near Kenyon College campus at kosking gap trail in Gambier Ohio.  It has been sitting on the tracks in Gambier Ohio since 2001.  

So if you are ever in Gambier Ohio check out this locomotive out. 


Here is the caboose 


Quarry Chapel


Information above about the Chapel

11143528_803076712781_7655289811689564300_nFront View of the Chapel



Side view of the Chapel



The stone of the Chapel

Above are pictures are a Quarry Chapel in Gambier Ohio. The Quarry Chapel in Gambier Ohio constructed in 1862-1863 all the stone came from the Fish Quarry. This year the Quarry Chapel is  celebrating 152 years of being built.  The address of this beautiful church is 10930 Quarry Chapel Rd. Gambier OH 43022 and is on the corner of the street. They have  weddings at this chapel. So if you are ever in Gambier Ohio check out the Quarry Chapel